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Blog Revival – Making the Time to WRITE

I’ve learned that when I avoid something – there is a true underlying factor and simple avoidance is not the issue. Often times it means I haven’t completely created my purpose or possibly I am unclear to what I am really trying to achieve.

It happens with everything: exercise, reading, cleaning, creating, writing…  But I am well aware that it has nothing to do with desire – I always WANT to do it, but for whatever reason I require a shift. It could be a reorganized environment, fresh motivation, or new cozy pants. When I arrive at the new mindset, I try not to be cynical and think about where I have been or when I may need to revamp all over again, but that is a challenge!

Regardless, I abandoned my blog for a variety of reasons. New focus on a toddler and lots of writing, traveling for some new jobs, and handful of other life whatnots. Leaving the classroom took away my primary source of reflection and while I could have shifted this to thoughts about motherhood, my daughter just changes too fast to get it all on the page!   On the road, I blog in my head constantly. I probably wrote 1,451 blog posts in my head over the last year and it is unfortunate that I can’t connect my brain to a word processor (yet) to stream my thoughts.

I can’t let that be my barrier anymore though, so, we are back in business. I even considered changing the name of my blog to re-inspire…but I still have imagery associated to “soul striking” ideas. The name stays.

I DID however re-categorize my posts and clean up my blog a little bit (though I still have some images to fix….all in good time). This is motivating and will jump start my blog again.


if you could help me out by exploring old posts, commenting, and sharing if you are so moved, this will add to my purpose: exchanging ideas with the world – something we are incredibly lucky to do in 2015.

*Image credit: CC0 Public Domain


What are your thoughts?

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