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The Factor of Time in Schools

I’ve been in a lot of schools lately. While my role may change from observer to advisor, consultant to instructor, one thing remains the same: The factor of time.

See, time is an “issue” in everyone’s lives at one point or another.

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day.”

“I don’t have time to exercise.”

“If I had more time I would probably….”

“Time flies- enjoy the kids now!”

However, I am willing to bet that many individuals out there have tackled the concept of time by:

  • reprioritizing (I suppose exercising for 30 minutes could trump early tv time)
  • omitting extraneous daily habits (I don’t really need to swipe through Facebook)
  • reconnecting (I really should call/write/see this person.)

If we could apply this at schools, what would this look like for the student learning experience? And better yet…what would this look like if TEACHERS and STUDENTS drove the change?

Quality leadership to create change is another commonality I hear from educators, as administration has the “power” to allow the gears of change to be set in motion. I don’t have much more to offer on this topic right now, but it is brewing in my mind- that’s for sure.

So I leave you with this..and I don’t know the answers so don’t assume there is a “right one”! Regardless of your role (administrator, teacher, para, specialist, parent…the list goes on)

  • How can you reprioritize within your time constraints?
  • What can you do to sit with each other (as educators) and kids- and hear what they have to say (not complain about) regarding ideas for use of time?

Comment below. Let’s get this conversation going!


One comment on “The Factor of Time in Schools

  1. @Eliza_Peterson
    March 8, 2015

    You are right on about time. We need it at educators to work on our craft. This is not just about PD, but time with our colleagues to look at student work, craft lessons and projects and work together so that students can reap the rewards of all we have to offer!

    My principal did a wonderful thing for my team just last week: got us all half day subs so that we could meet, look at data and plan a grade level intervention for language arts. If it wasn’t for that time, our students would not be able to have this motivating “March Madness” intervention programming that we have designed. There HAVE to be creative ways to get teachers together so that ideas can be shared and collaboration can happen. It’s just so important!


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