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Day 2 in Review at #BLC12: Innovation is Questioning in Action

The energy was flowing at Building Learning Communities today, after igniting our fires yesterday with inspiring sessions and speakers.  The theme of the day from my perspective? Ask questions. Ask more questions. And then answer questions with questions.  This leads to the action which is innovation.

My favorite tweet of the day was:

Absolutely.  iPads do not innovate. Laptops do not create. SmartBoards do not collaborate. Web 2.0 tools will not ask questions. (well some might :)) People do. People do. Here at BLC12, we have discovered that we have the language, the passion, the tools, and each other, and this is the first thing we need to teach our students.  Questions and ideas come first. The arts help us to connect and explore and technology amplifies this in an astounding way.

In just one day, people realized:

-They matter. And we need to remind EVERYONE that they matter. @Angelamaiers

-Crowdsourcing organizes a wealth of resources in just moments. Books can be written in 1 hour.  @tombarrett

-Schools can be open and 150+ students in fact, CAN attend school in one room, when leaders lead.  @gregwhitby

-Authors, like Sharon Creech, love to Skype with students. And will! For free! Sometimes for more than 1 hour! @shannonmmiller

-In less than 1 day, Google forms empower us to create a database of educators on Twitter- already more than 2000. @lizbdavis

Kids are capable of powerful work with this type of leadership.  “We do not under educate our students.  We do not under assess our students. We underestimate them.  Let me say that again. We under estimate them.” -Angela Maiers

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2 comments on “Day 2 in Review at #BLC12: Innovation is Questioning in Action

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  2. Jan Simson
    August 14, 2012

    Answer questions with questions. Brilliant.


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