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7 Things Teachers Do During Their Time ON

I spend too much time thinking in blog post and not actually blogging the thought.  I do this because I suffer from a disease called: “Everyone is already thinking what I am thinking and knows what I know.” I am working on overcoming this.  I have learned an extensive amount from bloggers just like me, and am pushing myself in to a world where I too, have something new to say…or at least Soul Striking. :)

7 Amazing Things Teachers are Doing During Their Time ON


After a week or so after the school year closes, our brains slowly reignite.  During this week, we reintroduce ourselves to our spouses, partners, children, friends, and porch or garden. We reorganize our professional books, sorting through those that will accompany us to the beach this summer, those that will retire, temporarily to the shelf, and those that will remain strewn about the living room. We wake up, confused that we get to plan out the hours according to our needs, not someone else’s (revision to this statement necessary if you are a parent!) and feel refreshed as we breathe in deep in the warm, ripe summer air…feeling blessed that it is an option.


We read. Read, read, read, read.  And think.  Think, think, think, think. Think. Process. Transfer. Generalize. Think. Process. On the docket for me this summer? That would be a separate blog post.


We network.  Twitter, Edmodo, PLNs, Ning, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, phone, text, email…  We find other people like ourselves that are reflecting, and we share the bounty of our reflections as a whole.  It takes a village.


We evaluate. And reevaluate.  And evaluate some more…and question ourselves…and look for confirmation!


We meet in person!  At HUGE conferences! #BLC12, #ISTE12, #EdCamp, #EdmodoCon12, team meetings, curriculum development… we are there. We are finding each other to build quality education, and to support and value one another’s path as change agents.


We blog and respond to blogs. We extend conversation in blogs.  We dream in blog posts and we try to expand our blogs.  We do this because we need to process, we need to collaborate, and we need to world to know there is a change brewing in education.


We create.  We reconnect with our passions that are so important yet so lost during the school year.  We plant, sculpt, paint, build, design, redesign, engineer, draw, sketch, act, sing, perform, play… We live the arts, and we delight in our arts experiences for children.

I am sure there are more.  But these are the key things I want the world to know, and if you also do these, things I want you to know- YOU ARE NORMAL!  It goes mostly without saying…what are we paid for these endeavors? We don’t care. What professions have this type of passion? It’s clear.

We are educators.  We overachieve to create achievers. Repost and re-tweet to ANYONE that needs confirmation in their paths or an awakening to what we do.


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